Lesson #1: Patience is a Virtue

I am back. Life is good.

February seems to be a time of waiting (not my forte). I am waiting for the final bids and photos to get the kitchen and flooring projects started. I am waiting for my back to heal up so that I can start moving freely again. Most importantly, I am waiting for my menstrual cycle to regulate so that Dan and I can start trying to conceive again. We were told that we could begin trying after only one menstrual cycle.

To my surprise (and delight!) I got my period very soon after the D&C. My OB told me that I would get my period between 4-6 weeks, but I got mine only 2 1/2 weeks after the surgery. I attribute this to the fact that I had already passed most of the pregnancy with the misoprostol in late December. Unfortunately, because my period came so soon, I have opted to wait an additional cycle to begin trying to commit again in the hopes that my uterine lining will have sufficient time to rebuild itself and make a nice warm nest for the little egg.

In the meantime, this remodeling project has been so enjoyable. I have been having a wonderful time selecting flooring, tile, paint, and mostly marble slabs for our new counter tops. When I first found out that I was pregnant in October, we put our remodel plans on the back burner for fear that paint and floor finish fumes would be harmful for the baby. Now that we have a little time before we start trying again, the remodel has been a welcome and wonderful diversion. Here is a list of our projects:


  1. Paint existing cabinets
  2. Install 1 small end cabinet to enclose trash can
  3. Replace tile counter tops with 3cm Calacatta Carrara marble
  4. Replace kitchen island with one that has more storage (we don’t have a pantry). New kitchen island top will be walnut.
  5. New Wolf 36″ Gas Range (yee hah!)


  1. Replace virtually all flooring (1300 sq ft) with Oregon white oak wood floors

Here is a slideshow of the pre-construction photos. Stay tuned for work in progress photos as we break out the sledgehammers!


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