Fancy New Oven… Now We Just Need a Bun!

Hi Everyone! It’s so good to be back. I’ve been crazy busy with the remodel and with work. I’ll start the update with news on the remodel and then I’ll move onto our trying to conceive journey.

The remodel is in full-swing. Here is the progress we have made so far:

  1. Paint existing cabinets – DONE!
  2. Install 1 small end cabinet to enclose trash can – DONE!
  3. Replace tile counter tops with 3cm Calacatta Carrara marble – DONE!
  4. Replace kitchen island with one that has more storage (we don’t have a pantry). New kitchen island top will be walnut.
  5. New Wolf 36″ Gas Range (yee hah!) – DONE! We ended up going with a 30″ range to save money and to prevent re-configuring the cabinets. I am so glad we did. The 30″ range is plenty big enough and my cabinet space is precious.
  6. New 3″ x 6″ white subway tile back splash. – not started!

Now, all we have left is installing the new island, making the island top, and putting down new floors. All of the design decisions have been made. All of the contractors have been chosen. All of the materials have been ordered. Seems like the end is in sight. Phew! 🙂

As for trying to conceive, I have big news. First, we are officially trying this month! It is our first month of unprotected sex since I found out that I miscarried in December and I had my D&C in January.

Thanks to a lovely group of ladies on, I have also started charting and temping. At first, I was very reluctant to chart and temp, as I was concerned that it would turn me into a crazy baby making lady. The other ladies convinced me that it is a great way to learn more about your body and to be more aware of your natural fertility cycle. Boy, were they right! I spent three evenings while Dan was in Miami furiously studying up on the ins and outs of the female body. With the help of Fertility Friend’s free online course, I am a charting expert!

Let me tell you, Ladies, I was shocked and embarrassed at how little I knew about my own body. Taking the fertility friend course truly changed my life. I am in awe of the complex symphony that happens inside of us every month. So many pieces have to fall into place just perfectly for us to conceive. Yet we do! Often! I feel so proud to be a woman and so honored to have been given this marvelous ability to create life. I highly recommend the course to everyone. It is a time commitment of about 5 or 6 hours, but it is time well spent. After all, now that I understand my body’s cycle, I will be able to better plan for having children (or not) in the future. It is truly a wonderful gift. Thank you Fertility Friend!

Now onto the nitty gritty: There are three big events in the fertility world: 1) getting your period, 2) ovulating, and 3) testing to see if you are pregnant. Each time you start your period, you start a new graph, or cycle. The first day of your period is cycle day 1 (CD1). Your cycle continues until you have your next period, which starts a new CD1.

I got my period on Friday, February 25th. After your period stops, you then begin to look for signs of ovulation. You can observe ovulation through taking your basal body temperature (BBT), your cervical mucous (CM), and by using an ovulation predictor kit (OPK). Based on my BBT and my CM, I ovulated on March 10th (CD14). I will be able to test to see if I am pregnant on Sunday, March 27th. Let me tell you ladies, it is a long wait!

Regarding the wait… women deal with this differently. Advances in testing technology mean that we can detect a positive pregnancy very early, even as early as 5 days prior to your period. Many women are anxious to know if they are pregnant and therefore begin testing days before their period is due. Sometimes this results in a positive pregnancy test, but sometimes it results in a negative test even when you really are pregnant. My personal preference is to wait until at least the date that my period should have started before testing. That way, if I get a negative result, I can be sure that I am really not pregnant. Again, it is personal preference, and everyone is different.

So… the plan is for me to test… in 11 days! Jeez, the wait is killing me already!

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2 Responses to Fancy New Oven… Now We Just Need a Bun!

  1. Jen Durham says:

    Well my preference is to wait to test….but it is easier said than done for me! I have been known to test at 3dpo! OH MY!! Yeah………

  2. Yes, I agree Jen! Waiting to test is preferred for as long as possible. I imagine that it is torture to sweat over an evap line because it’s only 8DPO. That is why I keep telling myself that I will not test earlier than 11DPO. If only it were that easy… 🙂

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