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Almost Finished with the New Kitchen – Photos!

The new kitchen is almost done! All that is left is: install under cabinet lighting install flooring (entire house!!) wire island for electrical vent piping for hood over stove apply a few more coats of polyurethane on the island Aside … Continue reading

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Fancy New Oven… Now We Just Need a Bun!

Hi Everyone! It’s so good to be back. I’ve been crazy busy with the remodel and with work. I’ll start the update with news on the remodel and then I’ll move onto our trying to conceive journey. The remodel is in … Continue reading

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Lesson #1: Patience is a Virtue

I am back. Life is good. February seems to be a time of waiting (not my forte). I am waiting for the final bids and photos to get the kitchen and flooring projects started. I am waiting for my back … Continue reading

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Now What?

It has been a hard few weeks since my last post. On December 23rd, I took my first round of misoprostol. It was a long night of cramping and bleeding, but I did pass a lot of tissue. I was … Continue reading

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Misoprostol – Bleeding, Cramping and What to Expect

After finding out that I had a missed miscarriage (blighted ovum), at 12 weeks, I decided to take misoprostol to help my body get rid of the fetal tissue. Many women miscarry naturally. My baby stopped developing at seven weeks. … Continue reading

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Goodbye Baby D

This is a painful post to write. Two days ago we went in for our 12-week ultrasound and found that we no longer had a baby. The ultrasound screen showed an empty gestational sac that had not developed past about … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Belly

Today I decided to take a 10 week belly photo. I took one at 8 weeks but skipped last week due to the flu. To be fair, the 10 week photo was taken after eating breakfast, but still – could … Continue reading

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